I must be the unusual one on this site. I received an Aspire Visa a few years ago when my credit was "shaky".

Although my credit is top-notch now, I still have the Aspire Card and use it frequently. I have never had a problem with "scams". All of my payments were posted promptly and without a hitch. As a matter of fact, they are my ONLY credit card that did not charge an "international fee" when I went to Europe.

All of my other cards tacked on some kind of fee. My only complaint is that Aspire charges $4.95 to pay online. Consequently I mail my payments to them. No harm, no foul.

I suspect that a lot of complaints on this site come from people who don't pay their bills on time.

Don't blame the credit card companies if you are a deadbeat!

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I love the way that everyone who has problems with this company accuses those of us who do NOT have problems of "getting a cut" or "working for the company". You are taking out your frustrations on the wrong people.

This is an OPEN FORUM and why shouldn't I be able to say I'm NOT having a problem if you are able to say you DO have a problem? Of course I can't help but wonder how many payments you have missed...


OMG, I'm having alot of issues with this company..and it *** me off that someone is backing the company, Let alone calling the people who are being ripped off DEADBEATS!!!!! How much of a cut do you get? Is that why they still charge a fee for a card I can't use...


Yes, they eventually DID cancel my card. But this was not from some "deceptive practice".

They simply went our of the credit card business. Yes, they charge waaaay too much for interest but they have also sent me a couple of letters saying that if I pay the full amount (rather than make payments) they will take over $400 off the balance. I can't afford to do it but it's a decent gesture. And, "Pissed Off", I do NOT work for the company (as you suggest).

I am a school teacher who always pays my bills on time.

I love the conspiracy theories people come up with, especially when they always pay their bills late, and blame their woes on someone else. Suck it up and accept responsibility!


Four years, not one late payment, EVER. I received the cancellation notice as well.

The card has been canceled since December, yet they still charge full interest.

To be able to make comments like this, these two must work for the bloodsuckers at Aspire.


Had that card for over 10yrs, payed more than required a month. Always paid on time and never was late once and they still canceled my card.

And it also was my only credit card I had. Be forwarned from this so called"deadbeat" you too can be cancled. And there goes that great credit score your so proud of Miamiguy43. Also found out the Gov.

is going after Aspire for 200 million for deceptive pratices. Wonder how long you'll have card card till.


"I suspect that a lot of complaints on this site come from people who don't pay their bills on time. Don't blame the credit card companies if you are a deadbeat!"

I couldn't agree more.

People fail to read the contracts they sign.. then complain when they get slammed with fees they agreed to after missing payments.

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